Nighttime Is Coming, Kids

Just when you thought it was safe to curl up with a good bood, have a nice little read and then go to bed, The Ethereal Gazette scares the bejeezus outta y’all with this shocking story of the Lesser Demon manchild, Pistonyerown. There are some things gone afoul between heaven and hell, which not even screwdrivers can mend. There are some things so hideous that… that… oh, why don’t we just let you find out for yourselves. Please enjoy this latest offering by October Lawrence, with his scary story Nighttime Is Coming, Kids. This first installment of the N.I.C.K series is a real bonechiller, so be sure to have a clean pair of underpants handy when you read it.

The Ethereal Gazette staff

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Nighttime Is Coming, Kids – Had the young slut possessed even the slightest clue as to what was really sleeping in her womb… The work is public domain, so share & enjoy. Click image to download your copy.